Web Applications

Our team is ready to use the latest technologies to help with development of a modern and powerful website to solve your business needs.

Reliable Approaches

Latest capabilities of HTML5 / CSS3

Best UI libs (Material UI, AntDesign)

Best UI libraries and processors

Cross browser development

Powerful Features

Server-side rendering / static sites

Content Management System


Adaptive layout

Modern Technologies

Frameworks (React, Vue, Angular )

App state managers (redux/mobx)

Static site generators (nextJS, etc)

API client libs (axios, react apollo, etc)

Our other services

SWTec support is limitless. Our software development knowledge combined with our large engineering team support & significant experience allow us to help our clients to deal with any challenges. If you need additional support - take a look at what else we can do for you!

We can offer

UX/UI Design Service

SWTec Design team can help in development of your web application starting from UX-Analytics, preparation of technical documentation and prototyping and finishing with creating complicated designs, creating design-systems and development team support. We also can support with creating 2D/3D graphics.

Development Service

SWTec Engineers can work on developing modern web applications by using the latest technologies to implement advanced visual content, complex animations and unique features for your web sites which can work on both Desktop and Mobile browsers.

Testing & Verification Service

Our Testing and Validation team can significantly improve quality of your final solution before submitting it to the end user by introducing the industry's latest approaches in manual and automated testing.