Fullstack Development

We are supporting you in development at any level of complexity; solutions for both web applications and web service for help your business.

UX&UI Design

Our design team can perform a wide range of tasks related to collection, processing and analysis of user experience data and can design user interface of any complexity and for any platform.


User research

Visual design


Frontend Development

At SWTec we are ready to implement user interfaces of any complexity applying the latest technologies and the most modern approaches, taking into account the requirements for adaptability and cross-browser compatibility.





Backend Development

Our team is ready to develop backend solutions based on your needs or to improve your existing implementation. Our portfolio contains successful cases of the implementation on various microservice systems with varying levels of complexity.





Deployment & Infrastructure

Integration team is ready to deploy software solutions on both cloud and standalone servers according to business requirements and industry standards.





Our other services

SWTec support is limitless. Our software development knowledge combined with our large engineering team support & significant experience allow us to help our clients to deal with any challenges. If you need additional support - take a look at what else we can do for you!

We can offer

Architecture Support Service

SWTec architects' team is adept in selecting which framework and development approach is most appropriate for your web and/or backend solution and ready to share this knowledge to set-up a reliable environment for you.

UX/UI Design Service

SWTec Design team can make full spectrum of work related to design solutions: UX-analytics, interview with target audience, preparation of technical documentation, development of clickable prototypes, discover and implementing unique UI-ideas, develop design mock-ups and provide all needed artifacts to the development team.

Development Service

SWTec Engineers can help in building full a stack solution which includes both web application and web services to have advanced application to serve your business. Those who have existing applications in place already can also take full advantage of our ability to customize advanced frameworks through our ability to adapt it for your current ecosystem.

Testing & Verification Service

Our Testing and Validation team can significantly improve quality of your final solution before submitting it to the end user by introducing the industry's latest approaches in manual and automated testing.