Solutions for Embedded Devices

With our vast knowledge of Android, Linux and other OS we are very qualified to handle all your embedded device needs.

Our Technical Expertise


Integration of third-party SDKs (like voice recognition, Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto) for future use for various business needs


Middleware Development (bridges) and platform level services for your solution


Adopting and customizing of software platform for your solution needs


Development of platform abstraction layers (PALs), hardware abstraction layers (HALs) and different Board Support Package (BSP) works

Android Platform Knowledge

  • SWTec team is familiar with Android from its very first version and accumulate knowledge about platform together with evolution of Android OS

  • SWTec engineers have been involved in Android projects since early 2008

  • Deep knowledge in all Android versions from Android 1.5 to 11

  • Production experience starting from Linux Kernel tasks ending with Application layer

  • Successful delivery of full product platform development projects on the market for both embedded and automotive industry

  • Commercial devices with company contributions launched

Our other services

SWTec support is limitless. Our software development knowledge combined with our large engineering team support & significant experience allow us to help our clients to deal with any challenges. If you need additional support - take a look at what else we can do for you!

We can offer

Architecture Support Service

SWTec has been designing and building custom one-off embedded solutions for years across all business domains and on many different platforms with a large amount of experience on Android OS which can be used to help in your work.

Development Service

SWTec Engineers can help in developing your solution for embedded devices, whenever an OS is used or which architecture level support may be required. BSP work, Platform and Application development all fall under our software expertise.

Testing & Verification Service

Our Testing and Validation team can significantly improve quality of your final solution before submitting it to the end user by introducing the industry's latest approaches in manual and automated testing.