Backend Solutions

From serverless applications to custom infrastructures for in-house use we can design and develop all your backend solutions to fit your needs by finding the perfect balance between cost, features and maintenance.

Backend Development – can make development for your backend

Services Development (NodeJS, Python, JavaEE)

API design and development (REST, GraphQL, MQTT, SOAP, Swagger)

Database architecture and design (SQL and NoSQL)

Messaging (Message brokers & Client-Server communication)

Cloud architecture & deployment – cloud first design

Our engineering team can help with deployment of backend solutions of any complexity on various cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and others, with capabilities of on-demand scale and applying modern practices like “infrastructure as a code”. SWTec experts can also help in implementation of solution in private virtual or hybrid clouds.

Our other services

SWTec support is limitless. Software development knowledge of engineering team and significant experience of management team allow us to help our clients to deal with any challenges. You need additional support - take a look on what else we can do for you!

We can offer

Architecture Support Service

25 years in software development has allowed our team to acquire unique expertise in various development methodologies. SWTec can work with your business to set-up a suitable development process, select appropriate technologies and build a modern infrastructure environment.

Development Service

SWTec Engineers are capable to design and develop solutions of any complexity ranging from a simple REST APIs for your web and mobile apps to a full-fledged backend solutions with complex data processing and 3rd party services integration. We are dedicated to build scalable, performant and future-proof solutions. One of our main expertise is developing cost-effective cloud based services that solve just the right problem without extra complexity and efforts involved.