Who we are

SWTec is team of highly talented Engineers with over 25 years of experience, who provides broad range of software development services to meet the demands of the most challenging projects from our customers.

The history about our team from the beginning stage in 1991 and up till now


history start



Telma company was founded. During 14 years a team of engineers has successfully implemented more than 500 projects, forming the core of the future SWTec team.



The number of employees of Telma has grown to 1200 engineers. The company received SEI CMM level 5 quality certificate, for the first time in Russia.



Telma was acquired by Teleca. Telma engineers become a part of bigger international team.



Symphony Technology Group has acquired Teleca. Our team continue provide software development services as part of new company named Symphony Teleca.



Commencement of active work with SiriusXM project and establishment of the core team.



A group of engineers, who had worked in Telma before, created a new company - SWTec.



SWTec established a representative office in the United States to provide on-site support to our customers.



During 4 years, the SWTec team has grown 4 times and now the total number of employees is more than 220 people.



Our History Continues. We are expanding our customer portfolio, enlarging the existing team, and strengthening our professional expertise.

Software development is our lifestyle

SWTec recognizes that each and every customer’s requirement is unique. Our flexible approach to custom software development services begins with a thorough understanding of your objectives and our commitment is to provide high-quality solutions that perform perfectly and increase business value with a constant focus on your success. We provide software development services for creating in-demand solutions for customers from all over the world - mobile and web applications, software products for the automotive market - and employ advanced approaches in debugging and verification areas. SWTec project portfolio is constantly expanding. In recent years the portfolio included devices for smart homes, the new generation of HMI for vehicles and much more.

It's not just a job. It's a personal passion.

We believe that working at our company is not just a job, but that each and every team member brings his own passion, her own contributions, and together, we create magic. Everyone`s opinion is important and valuable and is the basis for continuity and team cohesiveness. Sharing in these experiences creates a special, united spirit within the company. We value people above all else, and the development of each individual’s creative potential is as important to us as satisfying the needs and desires of our customers. We are ready to provide our technical services to meet the business needs of global clients and are excited at the opportunity to share our passion for making ideas a reality.

Our leaders

Valery Kalachev - Chairman of the Board, CEO & Founder

Valery Kalachev

Chairman of the Board, CEO & Founder

Founder of SWTec, with more than 25 years of experience in charge of various companies providing software development services worldwide.

Michael Katkov - Board Member, Vice President of Operations

Michael Katkov

Board Member, Vice President of Operations

Head of Delivery Department at SWTec. Responsible for execution of key customers’ projects at SWTec and integration of delivery team results into a complete solution.

Dmitry Klochkov - Board Member, Vice President of Engineering

Dmitry Klochkov

Board Member, Vice President of Engineering

Building and managing SWTec engineer talent pool for the Delivery Department. Responsible for finding talented candidates and keeping technologically attractive environment for human resources.

Artem Kalachev - Vice President of Business Development

Artem Kalachev

Vice President of Business Development CEO of SWTec USA

Responsible for discovering and establishing relationship with new SWTec partners. Identifies opportunities, creates and implements strategic initiatives and partnerships for SWTec.

Irina Golub - Head of HR department

Irina Golub

Head of HR department

Responsible for Human Resource function at SWTec. Develops and implements strategic HR initiatives which improves organizational effectiveness and performance.

Olga Molodtsova - Chief Accountant

Olga Molodtsova

Chief Accountant

Responsible for Finance operations at SWTec Group. Implements financial strategy, coordinates work of finance team and supports financial liabilities of the company.